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Recruitment Process – Summary for Applicants

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with Hertfordshire Constabulary. Due to the nature of the service we provide and in the interest of recruiting the best candidates to reduce crime, catch criminals and keep the people of Hertfordshire safe our recruitment process may be more comprehensive than other processes you have experienced.


To submit an application for a vacancy, visit the home page and click on ‘Apply Now’ and select the role you wish to apply for. Ensure you complete all mandatory fields on the application form or you will be unable to submit your application. Please ensure you complete the supporting statements section, these vary depending on the role and will be explained on the advert and role profile. Please provide evidence of where you demonstrated the competency behaviours as per the role profile. Please note there is a word count limit on the applications and you should ensure your evidence fits within this limit. Please click here for a PDF guide to the Application Form

Short Listing

Candidates are shortlisted by assessing the information on the application form against the personal qualities and minimum entry requirements. It is important that you complete the application form fully and carefully, ensuring you demonstrate with examples how you meet the various criteria.

Interview/Selection process

If invited to interview you will be notified via telephone and email, this notification will usually be a minimum of 7 days before the interview date. You will be required to produce valid identification at the interview (a list of suitable ID will be sent via email) for photocopies to be made. If your recruitment process includes your attendance at an assessment centre all information will be provided via email, for example certain roles may require you to complete a Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) or computer test. For Police Officer candidates, you will need to attend a Police SEARCH® assessment centre.

Conditional Offer

If you are successful following the selection process you will receive a conditional offer and we will start progressing your pre-employment checks which includes: vetting, Medical, references and for some roles, a fitness test. Until these checks are complete you should not hand in your notice with your current employer. For some roles if you are successful at the interview/selection stage you will be advised that you will be placed on a waiting list until the next available intake.


Vetting is required for all employees of Hertfordshire Constabulary and levels of vetting differ across the categories of vacancies; Basic Check (BC), Recruitment Vetting (RV) and Management Vetting (MV). If you are required to complete Recruitment Vetting you will be sent an e-form, this must be completed online and returned via email to the necessary address. If you are required to complete Management Vetting this process will be explained to you by your HR contact. Vetting completion varies in individual cases so please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for vetting checks to be finalised. For the roles of Police Officer, Special Constable and PCSO you will be required to take a Biometric vetting test. Further details will be provided nearer the time.


Candidates will be provided with a work health questionnaire that must be completed and sent directly to the Occupational Health Department. A full medical history must be disclosed as failure to do so may result in your application being rejected. Please complete the questionnaire carefully and thoroughly – if in doubt, disclose it. For the roles of Police Officer, Special Constable and PCSO, you will be required to attend a full medical and eyesight sight test. Full details will be provided nearer the time. If your role requires a psychological assessment, the Occupational Health department will arrange this with you directly.


References will need to be obtained from all employers (paid or otherwise) covering a minimum of 3 years. For internal candidates, references will be required from current line managers to ensure that there are no performance management concerns in any aspects of your role. In the case of Special Constables your progress with your Police Action Checklist (PAC’s), hours completed per month and progress towards becoming Fit for Independent Patrol will be taken into consideration

Fitness Test

For the roles of Police Officer, Special Constable and PCSO, you will be required to pass a fitness test. You need to achieve 5.4 on bleep test.

Final Offer

Once all pre-appointment checks have been concluded and approved, and a start date agreed, a final offer and written statement of particulars/conditions of service will be issued.

Start date

On the first day of the role you will be required to attend an Access Control appointment to receive your warrant card. This will be followed by an induction into your role (this varies depending on the department/role).


You will be required to successfully complete a minimum six month probationary period. This will vary depending on role, for police officers the probationary period is two years.

Further information

If you require any further information or need clarity on any of the above points please don’t hesitate to contact us at