Communications Operators

Responsive under pressure

Responsive round the clock, the Force Communications Room sits at the very heart of our operations. It’s the part of Hertfordshire Constabulary that handles all incoming emergency and non-emergency telephone calls from the public – so the work is both rewarding and absolutely essential to the community.

About the job

Made up of around 300 permanent members of staff, the six teams in the Force Communications Room take an average of 3000 calls a day. Despite that, no two calls are ever quite the same. One minute you could be noting down the details of a stolen vehicle. The next, you might be logging a report of a missing person, or transferring an incident to Dispatch and Control.

Working towards specific targets set by the Police and Crime Commissioner, you’ll be one of the people aiming to answer at least 90 per cent of emergency calls within ten seconds, and 80 per cent of non-emergency calls within thirty seconds. You’ll also record all reports of crime, within 24 hours of being notified of the offence. To help achieve this, we monitor team performance to ensure that the right level of support and coaching is in place for you and your colleagues.


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Eligibility Criteria

We welcome applications from people of all different backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, gender and sexual orientation. However, there are some eligibility conditions that all applicants will need to meet, so you need to check that you meet our requirements before submitting an application.

Applicants should be British Citizens, or passport holders from a full EU Member State. You can also apply if you’re a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national who is resident in the UK with indefinite leave to remain. All applicants must have been resident in the UK for the three years immediately preceding application.

If you have a criminal record, this doesn’t mean you’re automatically ineligible; it depends on the nature of your conviction. Please declare any caution or conviction on your application form. If you have any questions on this, you can contact for advice.

Minimum Entry Criteria

The minimum entry criteria for the role of a Communications Operator is detailed on the role profile. You should ensure that you meet these requirements before making your application.

Pre-employment checks

If you’re successful in the selection process, you’ll receive a conditional offer, and you’ll be required to pass a medical provide a three-year reference history and pass a security vetting process. You can find more detail on this in our Applicant help section, and it’s essential that you read this.

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Pay and benefits

For individuals working full time (37 hours per week) and working the full shift pattern, the starting salary will be £26,802 (includes shift allowance) with progression to £31,365.

You will be eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). This is a contributory Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) scheme to which the Constabulary as the employer contributes to as well.

As a full time Communications Operator, we’ll offer you 178 hours of annual leave (24 days), which can increase to anything up to 222 hours (30 days), dependent on your grade, hours of work and length of service. You will also receive 8 days of public holidays. Your annual leave entitlement will be confirmed when you begin your role.

We give people the support they need to make a positive contribution to our services. For all the benefits you’ll receive as part of Hertfordshire Police, see our Working with Us section.

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Application stages

Our application procedure is designed to find out how you measure up to the challenge of being a Communications Operator. So naturally, it’s fairly challenging in itself, and can take up to eight weeks to complete.

The assessment process is made up of several sections:

Paper sift of application forms

Firstly, we’ll check through your application to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. We’ll also assess your answers to the competency-based questions, to determine whether they meet our required standard. It’s important that you answer the questions as carefully and as fully as you can: your application could be rejected if you provide us with insufficient evidence.

Click here for a sample Communications Operator role profile, to see the competencies you’ll need to demonstrate in your application.

Assessment day (including verbal tests, role plays and an interview)

If you meet the criteria and your initial application is approved, the next stage is to attend an assessment day. This will consist of verbal tests, interactive role-play exercises and a formal, structured interview. Together, these exercises will test your communication skills and your ability to think on your feet, making quick decisions based on sound judgement.

For a thorough guide to our recruitment process and pre-employment checks, see our Applicant Help section. It’s essential that you read this.

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Available roles

We regularly recruit Communications Operator positions within Hertfordshire Constabulary. All vacancies will be advertised on the apply now page.

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Key questions

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