PS/1041/H SOIT A4 Investigator

Location: Headquarters, WGC, Herts
Role: Police Staff
Department: Safeguarding Command - SOIT
Closing Date: 29-04-19
Are you an investigator looking for an opportunity to take ownership of complex investigations and make difference to the lives of vulnerable victims?

There are currently a number of vacancies in the Sexual Offence Investigation Team where investigators work alongside DCs to investigate serious, indictable offences. The vacancies are all within our Investigation Team.

SOIT investigations have to be thorough and often extensive, but in return our staff get to take complete ownership of cases and quickly gain experience.

DCI Neil Langford, Head of Protecting Adults, said: “We are looking for individuals with a proven record of investigating to join this committed but friendly and welcoming team.”
“Many of the victims dealt with by the unit are vulnerable or have suffered an extremely traumatic experience. They have been brave enough to come forward to report what has happened and we want to repay that trust with justice for them.”
“There is a massive opportunity for a professional, compassionate investigator to make a genuine difference not only to their lives, but also to their friends, family and other people connected with the case, including the suspect.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to join our team as an A4 Investigator, either within one of our frontline investigation teams. These roles will provide you with the opportunity to make a difference, as well as to obtain satisfaction from delivering justice”

Why work in SOIT?
• Specialist training to perform the role.
• Ownership of complex investigations into indictable offences.
• Fast development of a broad and highly transferable range of investigation skills.
• Serious Sexual Offence investigation accreditation and close work with RASSO CPS lawyers.

If you are interested in applying for an Investigator role please ensure you read the attached information, including role profile, and recruitment information for applicants.

We don’t anticipate the need for interviews and selection will be made on papersift only, however if a high number of applications are received, interview may be necessary

• selection process – written application. Boards may be required if necessitated by number of applicants.
• shift pattern – SOIT 4 week shift pattern for Investigation Team posts, two weekends on, two weekend off.

To discuss this opportunity, please contact T/DI 914 Phoebe Biggs on Herts x5027

***At this time you will be required to work 2 weekends in every 4 weekends as part of a shift pattern.***

Interested applicants should submit a 500 word expression of interest, providing evidence of their investigative skills/experience, safeguarding experience and demonstrating Level 1 behaviours and values in accordance with the Competency Values Framework for Policing for:

We are collaborative
We deliver, support and inspire
We analyse critically

**All applications must be submitted through our online recruitment website by clicking the apply button below**

**Please note that this advert will be live to Redeployee's throughout the recruitment of this advert. Any redeployee that applies will only need to evidence against the minimum entry requirements of the role profile. They will take priority over other candidates at any point during the recruitment process up until a final offer is produced and you will be notified if this happens.**

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