Police Community Volunteers

Giving back in the local area

Hertfordshire Constabulary volunteers provide vital support to Police Officers and staff. Members of the public give generously of whatever time they can spare, to help keep their community safe. There are a range of roles that support the force, so our volunteers are a diverse team with a real mix of skills and interests.

About the job

Police Community Volunteers assist with an extensive range of tasks across a wide variety of teams, and opportunities are available across the county. We will help you make the most of your skills in an appropriate position, and we will provide the training you need for your role. Above all, you’ll be helping us to enhance the service we offer to the local community.

Our volunteers come from all kinds of backgrounds. You might be unemployed and looking to brush up on your skills. You could be retired and looking for an opportunity to give something back to the community, or to gain a different kind of life experience. You might be a student, balancing volunteering with your college or university studies. Whatever your circumstances, we can find the right role for you.

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Eligibility criteria

We welcome applications from people of all different backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, gender and sexual orientation. However, there are some eligibility conditions that all applicants need to meet, so you should check that you meet our requirements before submitting an application.

You need to be 18 or over to apply, and you should be able to cope in a busy environment, and have some regular time to spare.

Applicants need to be British Citizens, or passport holders from a full EU Member State. You can also apply if you’re a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national who is resident in the UK with indefinite leave to remain. All applicants must have been resident in the UK for the three years immediately preceding application.

If you have a criminal record, this doesn’t mean you’re automatically ineligible: it depends on the nature of your conviction. Please declare any caution or conviction on your application form. If you have any questions on this, you can contact HREnquiries@Herts.pnn.police.uk for advice.

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Pay and benefits

Because it’s a voluntary role, our Community Volunteers don’t receive a salary, but you can claim authorised out-of-pocket expenses: we cover the cost of travelling to your volunteer post, as well as any costs for parking.

There are also rewards for your career, as you’ll learn valuable and employable skills. You might be thinking of joining the police, and want to see what it’s like first hand: Community Volunteering is a great place to do just that. Alternatively, you might have career aspirations elsewhere, and the transferable skills you’ll learn as a Police Community Volunteer will open new doors for future opportunities.

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Available roles

Sorry, there are currently no vacancies for volunteers.

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Application stages

For further information and to obtain a greater insight into the role of a Volunteer, please e-mail Volunteers@herts.pnn.police.uk or telephone either 01707 355866 or 01707 355867.

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Key questions

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