Police Officer Transferees

Raise your profile in Hertfordshire

If you’ve completed your probationary period and are currently a serving Police Constable with another Home Office Force, and if we are open for transferees, then you can apply for a transfer to Hertfordshire Constabulary. You’ll become a familiar face and a respected figure, not only in Hertfordshire, but also - thanks to our new collaborative approach - in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. On occasion, we will also invite applications from higher ranks, and you’ll find information here when those opportunities arise. Please check back here regularly to see if we are currently recruiting.  Vacancies will be advertised here.

About the job

At Hertfordshire Constabulary, we pride ourselves on recognising people with real potential. It’s the reason we offer our officers so much support, motivation and training; because as they improve, so will our force.

Once you apply to transfer, you’ll find that we can help you realise your ambitions and develop your career. In the last five years alone, we’ve tangibly reduced crime rates, and you’ll help us ensure that this continues. In the process, you’ll have the opportunity to raise your profile and take on serious policing challenges. More than that, you’ll do it in a unique and picturesque setting that balances busy urban centres with rural villages.

Whether you want to specialise in a specific area of policing, or make your way up through the ranks, our experienced leaders can help you get there. Simply bring us your talent, dedication and enthusiasm, and we’ll welcome you to the team.

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Eligibility criteria

You must have passed your probationary period in your current force, and currently work in another Home Office police force.

You should have an up-to-date Performance Development Review from your current Force, and you will be asked for copies from the last three years as part of the pre-appointment checks.

If we are open for higher ranks, you must currently be serving substantively at that rank to be considered for transfer.

Tattoos which are offensive, garish, prominent or numerous are not acceptable. Please supply photos and measurements of any tattoos along with your application.

Pre-appointment checks

If you’re successful in the selection process, you’ll receive a conditional offer, and you’ll be required to pass medical and fitness tests, as well as providing a three-year reference history and passing a security vetting process. You can find more detail on this in our Applicant help section, and it’s essential that you read this.

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Testimonies from Our Transferees

If you’re thinking of transferring to Hertfordshire Constabulary, you can read more here from Fraz; a transferee Constable who joined us from the Metropolitan Police:

Joining the force was something I’d always wanted to do. I started out with the Met Police, partly because the idea of working in central London really appealed, but after two and a half years I was ready for a bigger challenge.

I had some friends who worked for Hertfordshire Constabulary and they were always telling me good things about this force. It came at a time when I was looking to take on more variety and the opportunities on offer at Herts felt like exactly the right thing for me.

All the great things I’d heard were really reinforced when I came in for my interview. Everyone was friendly and the recruitment team did a great job of making me feel relaxed and welcome. And, when I started in November 2007, this friendly attitude remained. This is a very close-knit force, with some great teams in place. It’s fun and supportive, which meant I settled in really quickly. Plus, there’s much more variety on offer here, so every day is exciting and there’s always a new challenge.

I’d definitely recommend Hertfordshire Constabulary to anyone. I love the variety and not knowing what’s round the corner each day. Career development is really encouraged here as well so I’ve been able to advance a lot since leaving London – mostly because there are so many more opportunities to take on extra responsibility. And because everyone knows each other, you can quickly build a good name for yourself.

Hertfordshire itself is a lovely place too. The people in the area are generally very friendly and there’s a great balance of countryside and hectic city life. So whatever you’re looking for, there’s a lot of stuff to do here.

Here, Jeanette – a transferee Detective Constable – talks to us about her experience of transferring from Essex Police to Hertfordshire Constabulary:

I’d wanted to be a Police Officer since I was about eight or nine. My uncle was in the force and it totally fascinated me. When I was 19, I applied to a number of forces around the country and Essex Police accepted me. It meant a move down from Glasgow, but I was so keen that I didn’t hesitate.

That was 17 years ago – and for the last 14 years I’ve been working as a Detective: first with Essex Police and now with Hertfordshire Constabulary. I moved to Herts in April 2008, a decision that was mostly inspired by the location. I live in Stevenage and my children go to school here in Hertfordshire so it made sense to work here too.

Hertfordshire is a great place to live. It’s a really pleasant county and the people are so friendly – as a Detective I seem to get a good reception everywhere I go. There’s also huge variety on offer. It’s the kind of County that offers almost everything – beautiful countryside, lovely villages, big towns and excellent transport into London.

It wasn’t only the location that attracted me though. I’d also heard some really positive things about Hertfordshire Constabulary itself. Both my sister and my husband work for the force, so I already knew that it was a welcoming place. I would never have moved otherwise.

To be honest, I was very realistic about the change – I know that the grass isn’t always greener and that the day-to-day job would be much the same. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how friendly the people are here. I always feel valued for the hard work I put in – and whilst the targets are still a big thing, the pressure feels slightly less.

I also love that I’m back to doing what I was trained to do. I’m really enjoying the Investigative role that I have here – and the chance to get involved in high profile cases. As well as GBH and robbery cases, I’ve investigated serious crimes and arson too. One recent success saw us getting a confession from one man for more than 17 offences which was a real achievement. It means that there’s plenty of variety and I feel like I’ve got my old enthusiasm for the job back!

It’s definitely somewhere that I see myself staying, not only because of the location but because there’s so many opportunities to move up and progress. At the moment though, I’m more than happy where I am, and my part-time hours mean I’m able to spend time with my family too.

Hertfordshire is a great place to live. It’s a really pleasant county and the people are so friendly – as a Detective I seem to get a good reception everywhere I go. There’s also huge variety on offer. It’s the kind of county that offers almost everything – beautiful countryside, lovely villages, big towns and excellent transport into London.

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Pay and benefits

As a Police Officer Transferee, you will retain your continuous service and current level of pay (excluding Force specific benefits i.e London Weighting). You’ll also retain your annual leave entitlement, as long as there is no break in service. You will remain on your current pension arrangements.

You will receive £2000 South Eastern allowance per year on top of your basic pay, if you are not already receiving Housing or Transitional Rent allowance.

We give people the support they need to make a positive contribution to our services. For all the benefits you’ll receive as part of Hertfordshire Police, see our Working with us section.

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Application stages

The application will be reviewed, and if you are successful at this stage, you will be contacted to arrange an interview. Prior to the interview, we will require you to provide your training records from your current force.

If successful at interview, you’ll be required to pass medical and fitness tests, as well as providing a current force reference. You’ll also have to pass our security vetting process. You can find more detail on this in our Applicant Help section, and it’s essential that you read this.

You will also be required to complete a medical questionnaire and an eyesight form, for which your GP and optician may charge. We are unfortunately unable to reimburse these costs. We will also send you an Occupational Health consent form, which enables us to approach your current force for a copy of your Occupational Health medical records.

If you pass all these checks, you will be contacted with our next available intake date. You’ll then receive a final offer letter, containing your posting details, along with instructions regarding your first week.

Please do not serve your notice to your current force until you have received your final offer letter in writing.

If you have any questions regarding any stage of the process, please contact HREnquries@herts.pnn.police.uk.

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In your first week with us, you will attend a five-day induction programme. During this week, you will receive training on the operational IT systems necessary for your role, as well as personal safety training reassessment. If there are any outstanding NCALT e-learning packages you need to complete, you will also be given time during the induction to undertake these.

If you have other individual training needs, this will be discussed and agreed with you during the induction week, if not before.

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Available roles

We regularly accept transfer applications from police constables in other Home Office forces, who have completed their probationary period. These are usually for Intervention/Response, Safer Neighbourhood Team and Detective postings. Details of current vacancies will be detailed in the advertisement. Please check the latest jobs in our Search & Apply section.

On occasion, we will also invite applications from higher ranks.

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Key Questions

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