Police Officers

The heart of the Force

Hertfordshire Constabulary strives to provide an exceptional policing service to its communities, with a beat spread over 632 square miles, encompassing more than a million people. At the centre of that impressive task are our dedicated Police Officers.

About the job

Every day is different. Ask any of our officers why they like their job, and chances are, that’s the answer you’ll get. That’s because achieving safety and reducing crime in the community means facing a huge range of challenges, and dealing with issues that are constantly changing.

As a Police Officer, you’ll test your mental, emotional and physical capabilities. You’ll work closely with staff across the force, in a team built on trust and mutual respect. As a result, you’ll build a career that delivers both personal satisfaction, and the opportunity to make a real and visible difference within the community. You can read more about our commitment to the community, and the Code of Ethics we stand by, in the Working with us section.

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Eligibility criteria

We welcome applications from people of all different backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, gender and sexual orientation. However, there are some eligibility conditions that all applicants will need to meet, so you need to check that you meet our requirements before submitting an application.

You need to be 18 or over to apply, and applicants should be British Citizens, or passport holders from a full EU Member State. You can also apply if you’re a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national who is resident in the UK with indefinite leave to remain. All applicants must have been resident in the UK for the three years immediately preceding application.

If you have a criminal record, this doesn’t mean you’re automatically ineligible; it depends on the nature of your conviction. Please declare any caution or conviction on your application form. If you have any questions on this, you can contact HREnquiries@Herts.pnn.police.uk for advice.

Tattoos which are offensive, garish, prominent or numerous are not acceptable. Please supply photos and measurements of any tattoos along with your application.

If you are struggling with debt, you may still be able to apply. You just need to supply us with evidence of your ability to manage your debts successfully. However, if you have any outstanding county court judgments or you are an undischarged bankrupt, then you are automatically ineligible.

Minimum entry requirements

You must hold a full manual driving licence.

Pre-appointment checks

If you are successful in the selection process, you will receive a conditional offer, and we will start progressing your pre-appointment checks, which include: vetting, medical checks, references and a fitness test. In your fitness and health checks, you’ll have to demonstrate the following:

You must be in good health and your BMI must be between 18 and 30. 

You must have good eyesight: there is an unaided vision requirement of 6/36.

You must have good fitness levels: you need to achieve 5.4 on a bleep test.

For more information on pre-appointment checks, please see the Applicant help section.

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Pay and benefits

When you join Hertfordshire Constabulary as a Police Officer, we’ll make a wide range of benefits available to you.

All new police officers working full time (40 hours per week), will receive a starting salary of £22,896.

In addition, we’ll also provide new officers with an annual regional allowance of £2,000. Your starting salary will therefore be a total of £24,896, with annual increments up to a salary of £37,626.

As a Police Constable, you’ll work a shift pattern, involving earlies, lates and nights.

You’ll enjoy the advantages of a contributory pension scheme, which offers generous benefits based on final salary. You’ll also benefit from an annual leave allowance that starts at 22 days, and rises to 30 days, dependent on your length of service. You also have access to equity loans for housing under our Key Worker scheme.

If you opt to join the Hertfordshire Police Federation, you can choose to join a Life Insurance scheme with awards payable to your spouse or partner, and to any dependents. In addition to accessing crucial illness and sickness cover, you can take out insurance at a preferential rate, to cover any legal expenses connected to your job, and to benefit from the best rehabilitation facilities.

We give people the support they need to make a positive contribution to our services, so for all the benefits you’ll receive as part of Hertfordshire Constabulary, see our Working with Us section.

As you are promoted through the ranks, you can expect to receive an increase in salary, as indicated below.

Role Approx. Salary range
Sergeants £38,910 to £42,285
Inspectors £48, 207 to £52,290
Chief Inspectors £53,358 to £56,463
Superintendents £64,188 to £75,816
Chief Superintendents £79,557 to £83,925

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Application stages

Assessment of application form

To pass this stage, you’ll need to fill out a competency-based application form. If you pass the basic eligibility criteria already discussed, we’ll assess your answers to the competency-based questions.  Try to answer the questions as carefully and as fully as you can. Please check your spelling and grammar as this will make it easier for your application to be understood and marked more effectively.

Disability: Please disclose any mental and/or physical disability/ies in order for us to offer reasonable adjustments where possible.

**Please note: Medical report will be required for Dyslexia – attach if necessary, when submitting application.

Click here for a sample Police Constable role profile, to see the competencies you’ll need to demonstrate in your application.

Assessment centre

If you pass the application form stage, the next step is to attend an assessment centre. The session will consist of four interactive role-play exercises; two written exercises; a verbal ability test; a numerical ability test, and a competency-based interview. Together, these exercises will test your ability to think on your feet, making quick decisions based on sound judgement. We’ll also be able to assess your basic maths and literacy skills. The assessment centre lasts approximately five hours.

Although the national pass mark for the assessment centre is 50%, to be a successful applicant with Hertfordshire Constabulary, you will need to achieve an overall score of 60% in your assessment centre. You will also need to meet the minimum standards in the competency areas of Working with Others, Oral Communication and Written Communication.

Pre-appointment checks

Before appointment, you’ll be required to pass medical and fitness tests, as well as providing a three-year reference history and passing a security vetting process. You can find more detail on this in our Applicant Help section, and it’s essential that you read this.

As part of the vetting process, you are required to give a DNA sample (mouth swab) and fingerprints, which will be checked against a national database. You will be sent an invite to attend a session for this purpose, around eight weeks prior to their start date.

These pre-appointment checks can sometimes take between three and six months. Please be aware that you must attend any appointments in your own time, including your uniform fitting appointment.

Successful appointment

Once you have completed all pre-employment checks, you’ll be allocated a place on the next available training course.

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Your training will be at one of the three training establishments in Letchworth, Stevenage or Welwyn Garden City Headquarters.

Once you have successfully passed the assessment process, cleared all pre-appointment checks, and been offered a start date, you will be sent an e-learning course that must be completed.

Approximately six weeks prior to the start of your training, you will attend a Saturday session at Letchworth Police Station for your Induction day. You will then attend an 11-week course, during which your knowledge of the law will be tested with regular skills development exercises, as well as written exams.  You will also receive personal safety training and IT training.

Once you leave training school and join an intervention team, you will be assessed by an officer from the Professional Development Unit who will work with you for the remainder of the probation period to assist you to complete your OneFile portfolio. The initial ten weeks with the intervention team will be spent with a coach who will guide and assist you to reach Fit for Independent Patrol status, when you will be able to patrol on your own. During your probationary period, the PDU assessor will observe you periodically, conduct recorded discussions and you will also compile written evidence towards the portfolio, with the aim of completing this before the end of the probation period.

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Key questions

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