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Supporting you in your role

The staff of Hertfordshire Constabulary support their community, and we do our utmost to support our staff. In this section, you’ll find everything you need to know on what we can offer for our employees, and what it’s like to work here.


Work/Life Balance

Recognising the benefits of flexible working, Hertfordshire Constabulary offers all Police Officers and Police staff the opportunity to apply for flexible working patterns. All requests will be given full consideration and balanced against operational policing needs.


If you have young children, our childcare voucher scheme could be a big help. Childcare Vouchers are non-taxable and National Insurance exempt, up to £55 per week or £243 per month, for parents using registered childcare. This equates to a potential saving of up to £1196 per parent. In families where both parents work for the Constabulary and request vouchers, the saving could be doubled.

Sports and Social Club

Within our Sports and Social Club, you can enjoy clubs and social events, as well as participating in the Force Lottery. The club also offers many discounts, special offers, trips, and events for all members.  The majority of the trips are also open to family and friends at a non-member price. Paid membership of the club is available to serving Police Officers, Police Staff, retired members, and members of the Special Constabulary. There are also honorary, social, temporary and associate members.

Police Credit Union

Financial products and support is available through the Police Credit Union, and more information on that is available here:


If you’re a UNISON member, you’ll receive preferential travel insurance, and access to a robust healthcare scheme, covering everything from eye exams to hospital stays. You can also obtain these benefits for your dependents. Mortgage advice will also be available, as will assistance with wills, and you’ll be offered discounts on cars, insurance, holidays, and plenty of other products.

Police Federation of England and Wales

The Police Federation of England and Wales is one of the largest staff associations in the UK, representing the interests of all Police Constables, Sergeants and Inspectors (including Chief Inspectors). For further information about the benefits of membership please visit:

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Our commitment to our community

At Hertfordshire Constabulary, we want to ensure that our force always represents the diverse and vibrant community we serve. To that end, we’ve devised values that support our strategy, main aims and vision.

Recognising and drawing on our differences makes us better as a police force, so we actively look to bring out the best in each other, as individuals and as teams.

It’s vital that we act as ethical and professional public servants, and we encourage all our staff and volunteers to stand by our Code of Ethics.

We’re committed to providing the best service we can for the people of Hertfordshire.  We place a high value on our position as a local organisation, and do everything possible to support the community in whatever way we can.

You can read more about the Herts Way here.

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Support in the workplace

Hertfordshire Constabulary is a richly diverse workforce, and we aim to care for all employees by providing access to a wealth of support networks and groups.

Hertfordshire Black and Asian Police Association (HBAPA)

The HBAPA is a support group, set up in 1998, for visible ethnic minority police officers and police staff.

The group aims to harness the experience and expertise of visible ethnic minority staff within Hertfordshire, and strives to improve working environment, to promote cultural diversity in employment, and to contribute to a changing culture.

For general enquiries, email

Hertfordshire Association of Muslim Police (HAMP)

HAMP aims to assist Muslims in the workplace with prayer, fasting, and opportunities to raise any concerns within their working environment.

HAMP also helps the wider Hertfordshire Constabulary to understand the issues faced by Muslim staff on a day-to-day basis.

For further information you can email Irfan Ishaq at

British Association of Women Police (BAWP)

This national organisation embraces women of all ranks and grades within the police service. It gives women a voice, helps raise awareness of issues affecting women, and offers a framework of female support.

Within Hertfordshire, officers and staff have an accessible network for discussing and dealing with particular career or life issues. That can be anything from equal opportunities to family-friendly working practices.

For general enquiries please email: You can also find more information at

Engage Support Group for women

Engage harnesses the experience and expertise of all women in the workforce, to provide support and to contribute to a changing culture. Membership is automatic for every female member of staff, paid or voluntary.

The group aims to show that women are valued by the Force, and looks to achieve gender balance. In addition, Engage ensures that women’s voices are heard in influential policy forums, and helps develop an understanding of the competing demands that women can face in achieving a work/life balance.

It’s a support network that promotes equality and development opportunities, as well as demonstrating the importance of cultural diversity in employment and service delivery. Engage is also instrumental in improving recruitment, retention, and progression, and in developing new and existing policies.

If you have any questions, email

Keystone (Support Group for LGBT Officers and Staff)

Keystone was set up in 2001 to provide an internal network for local LGBT staff and officers. Keystone works on the ground to make Hertfordshire a safe, supportive, and fair working environment for LGBT employees.

Now an established networking resource, fully supported at the highest management level, Keystone provides advice and practical assistance on any relevant issues. It also works to improve working practices, eliminate discrimination, and influence new policy development.

For further information you can email Mark Smith in confidence at

Disabled Police Association/enABLE

The DPA and enABLE offer support for Staff and Officers who may have a disability or health issue, or who provide support or care for someone with a disability. Active in the promotion of disability rights and awareness, enABLE members are consulted and involved in making policy and procedural recommendations to the Constabulary. All staff and officers of the Constabulary are considered to be members of the Hertfordshire branch of the Disabled Police Association. enABLE works with colleagues in neighbouring Policing areas and engages with the Disabled Police Association at National Level.  Enquiries should be sent via email to

Pagan Police Association

The Pagan Police Association is a national organisation supporting Pagan officers and staff. Working together, PPA aims to improve the relationship between the Pagan community and the police.

If you have any questions email, or visit our website:

Christian Police Association (CPA)

The Christian Police Association has branches in the majority of Police forces in the UK. As part of the CPA, each branch is run locally under the national authority of the CPA Council. In Hertfordshire, the Branch is headed by PS 1177 Keith Evans ( as Branch Leader, and PC 2196 Andy Robinson ( as Deputy Branch Leader.

We actively engage in both support and encouragement of officers and staff, by meeting and e-mailing circulations of Bible reflections.

You can find more information about the C.P.A. on and 
You can also follow us on Twitter – @HertsCPA – and on Facebook at

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Living and working in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is a strikingly diverse county to live and work in, encompassing thriving urban areas and picturesque countryside. Provided below are some useful links on moving to Hertfordshire:

Hertfordshire County Council offers a valuable overview of the region:

Visit for more information on leisure and enjoyment in the county.

You’ll find everything you need to know about schooling in the area here.

For travel information, visit

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